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December community project information

Good Afternoon, Members,

Our Rada knife order has arrived. It is all pre-sorted by seller. I have not opened individual packages to see if it is sorted by buyer, but my guess is, that it will be.

At BWC Board Meeting, last night, it was decided that our community project for December would be to support the newly launched Casey Care Closet. This project is aimed at helping meet the basic needs of low-income students at Casey Middle School.

Through the effort, organizers hope to provide the school with backpacks, T-shirts, sport bras, shoes and personal care items like soap and deodorant.

If teacher or counselor recognizes a student is in need or the student asks for help, they can receive items. The supplies will be placed inside a backpack or bag so the student can discreetly take them home without other students knowing.

This project is similar to the one we sponsored for Melanie Andrews for the Regional Superintendent of School’s Office a few months ago. but will be for the Casey Middle School children.

Principal Mary McGreer states that 85% of District 80 students are lacking of the very basic items.

The Women’s Leadership Council is partnering with the United Way on this project. Their mission is to help support women and children and if nothing else, to raise awareness in the community as to how large the need actually is

Please bring stocking hats, gloves, scarves, hair items, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste and/or any other item an average items a family with children this age might need. It is unbelievable what some families must do without. A quick trip to the Dollar Store or other inexpensive store and for less than $10 you can make someone’s life much happier. A story is told of a young child who ask for a mechanical pencil for Christmas.

This is a very worthwhile cause.

Amanda will be contacting your regarding what you volunteered to bring for the potluck. If you did not sign up, please contact her to see what is still needed. She may be reached at 316-2100 or amthacker8@hotmailcom. The potluck is at 6 pm at Rose Lane Community Building, in Mt. Vernon.

I hope you will be able to join in our Christmas fun. Don’t forget your two dozen cookies for the cookie exchange.

If you are not a member but are interested in our organization and what we do, please contact me at 755-4652 or ceburk51@hotmail.com. We are always open to new members and new ideas. Come for a visit. Join as a friend.

Merry Christmas. God bless you all.

Carol Burk
Mt. Vernon Business Women’s Club

Candidates Forum

The election is right around the corner. It is every registered voter’s right to express their opinion by casting their ballots.

The Mt. Vernon Business Women’s Club will be holding a Candidates Forum next Wednesday, September 28th at the Rolland Lewis Community Building at the Mt. Vernon City Park. A “Meet and Greet” session will be from 5:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Promptly at 6:30 p.m. the official forum will begin. THIS IS NOT A DEBATE! It is an opportunity to learn more about the candidates and their platforms. There will be an opportunity for members of the audience to turn in questions for review and discussion. Please come and join us at this informational meeting. WMIX will also be broadcasting the Forum live on 940 AM radio.

Be prepared and when Election Day rolls around do you civic duty and VOTE! Make your choices known.

September meeting

The Mt. Vernon Business Women’s Club held their regular monthly meeting on September 12, 2016. Our guest speaker for the month was Cpl Travis Chapman of the Mt. Vernon Police Department. He spoke with us about being aware of your surroundings, and some different self defense techniques. He was very informative and stressed that if at any time someone is making you uncomfortable or something does not seem right, follow your instincts and you can always call the police department for help. September is a very busy time for the club, we have lots of activities going on and would love to have any guests come and see what we are about! We recently helped work the gates at the Cedarhurst arts and craft fair and enjoyed seeing everyone in the community coming out and enjoying the day. Also we will be having a pumpkin contest at the Mt. Vernon Fall Festival that we would love everyone to participate in, there will be more information about that shortly. Also the Candidates forum will be coming up on the 28th of this month. All of these events will be held before our October regular meeting. We would love to hear from anyone that wants more information on who we are or what we do so please do not hesitate to contact one of us or follow our Facebook page!

August regular monthly meeting

The monthly meeting of the Mt. Vernon Business Women’s Club will be held on August 8th at 6 p.m. at the Rose Lane Community Building at 4217 Rose Lane. The guest speaker will be Judge Jo Beth Weber. Judge Weber will speak on the Drug and Appellate Courts. Our Community Activity for August will be a “Sponsor a Child” Program to benefit the Kare Program at the Mt. Vernon Township High School. Each member is asked to sponsor a child in the amount of $20. This money will be handled by member and Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools, Melanie Andrews in the purchase of supplies for high school age children. Announcements will be made regarding the Official Fall Festival Guide Book and the Fall Festival Pumpkin Decorating Contest. State President Susan McGrath and IFBWC President-Elect Tina Suarez will be attending our meeting. President-Elect Suarez will be giving an update on IFBWC State activities. We are always looking for new members and should you be interested, you are invited to attend any of our meetings as our guest. Information on joining can be found at our website www.mvnbwc.com or by contacting a member. Hope to see you there. This is an especially busy time of the year for the Mt. Vernon Business Women’s Club and we would love for you to be a part of our activities. Hope to see you at our meeting.

Fall Fest Ad book

Mount Vernon Business Women’s club’s ad book is the official Fall Fest guide book this year! We will have a fest map and schedule of events along with all of your ads! This is a great opportunity to get your information to a lot of people at very little cost to you! Please contact a member of the club for more information or any questions you have. Also please feel free to email mvnbwc@hotmail.com and we will certainly get back to you! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach more people in our community!

July Picnic

The BWC July picnic will be held July 11th at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at 6 pm. We will be having dinner and an auction, and the Harmony Roses will be performing. We would love to have guests join us! Please feel free to come, or contact us with any questions you may have! We can be reached at mvnbwc@hotmail.com or you may call any member.

BWC 2016 Fall Fest Pumpkin contest

I know it is still early in the year, however it is a good time to start thinking about the BWC pumpkin decorating contest at the fall fest! It is fun for all ages and the top 3 winners will receive a medal and a monetary prize. First place winners will receive $50, second place will receive $30 and third will receive $20. Download the forms in the link below for all official rules and entry forms. Please feel free to contact a member of BWC if you have any questions, and have fun!

June Meeting

Our June monthly meeting will be held Monday June 13th at the C.E. Brehm Memorial Library at 6:00 pm. We will be touring the library and having a short meeting afterward, followed by a trip to Dairy Queen for any one who wants to go. Please come and join us for an interesting and informative evening!

May meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the Mt. Vernon Business Women’s Club was held on Monday, May 9th beginning at 6 p.m. at the Rose Lane Community Building. President Evelyn Boswell called the meeting to order. The Collect and Pledge of Allegiance were recited. Introduction of guests present was done including past presidents Linda Trivisonno, Nancy Sodders, Melanie Andrews, Jacqueline Ross, Sherry Meadows and Dorothy Hamson. Also present was Tina Suarez – Illinois State President-Elect for 2016-17. A motion was made to suspend all regular meeting business to the June 13th business meeting after which Sherry Meadows introduced and presented the 2016 Scholarship Winners.
The 2016 Scholarship winners were: Grace Pytlinski winner of the Wilma K. Harpole Business Scholarship; Danara Jones recipient of the Ellen Ashton New Opportunities Scholarship and Kylie Newell winner of the Dora E. Brydon Health Related Scholarship.
Following the scholarship presentations, Dorothy Hamson performed the induction ceremony for two members to the Mt. Vernon BWC. Those members are Crystal Rios and Janeta Sutton. Each inductee received a yellow rose, the symbol of the Illinois Federation of Business Women, their membership pins and a gift bag.
The final order of business was for Dorothy Hamson to present the Installation Ceremony for the 2016-2017 new Mt. Vernon BWC officers. The installation ceremony was a rainbow color based ceremony with each office lighting a different color candle and agree to perform their duties. The following officers for 2016-2017 were installed; President – Carol Burk, President-Elect – Kendra Peterson, Treasurer – Connie Simmons, Recording Secretary – Marsha Webb, Corresponding Secretary – Patsy Timm, Parliamentarian – Sharon Costa and Board Members-at-Large – Amanda Burk, Eileen Williams and Gwen Gross.
After the Benediction was recited everyone refreshments.

National Day of Prayer

Tomorrow May 5th is National Day of Prayer. There will be a gathering and service at Jefferson County Courthouse at 12 noon. During this time of turmoil in our Country and in our lives everyone should take some time tomorrow to return thanks for our salvation and pray for our nation and themselves. If you can make it to the service I hope you will attend. If you are unable to, please spare a few minutes to say thank you for our blessings and guidance for your future and the future of your family and friends as well as our nation, God bless you all!